Cheating the Hangman

Some Cases in which prosecutors demanded death but the courts handed down life imprisonment.

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Jun 26 Ino Kazuo (M)


July 20 Kawashita Makoto (M)


April 20 Yin Lina (F) Upheld Osaka H.C

Feb 24 Imamura Munesuke (M) Osaka H.C.

Feb 02
Noji Suguru (M) Fukuoka D.C. Killed one woman and injured another. (Seeking the death penalty for one murder is a recent measure.)


Nov 10 Hayashi Koji (M)

Mar 02
Kageyama Hiroshi (note: tried before a "saibanin" (mixed jury system)-the prosecution took the rare step of asking for life imprisonment rather than death.

Shimura Hiroshi (M aged 25) Killed two people. Father paid 80 million yen ($800,000) to the victims.

Jan 29
Yin Lina (F) Osaka D.C Chinese national. Killed her former husband and two other men.


Dec 17
Kiuchi Yoshio (M) 78 year old man who killed 4 family members.

Sep 09 Shiro Tetsuya (M) Murdered the mayor of Nagasaki city in 2007. Sentenced to death by DC. Sentenced commuted to life by Fukuoka HC.

Apr 09 19 year old male (
Aomori Filicide Case)

Feb 21
Zheng Yongshan (F) Osaka HC. Chinese national. Killed two children.

Feb 17
Hoshijima Takanori (M) Tokyo DC. 34 year old man who killed a 24 year old woman. (Seeking the death penalty for one murder is a recent measure.) Sentence later upheld by HC.

Jan 13
Hara Taira (M) 61 year old man who killed 5 relatives.


Dec 17
Obayashi Hisato (M) Killed police officer and wounded two others.

Dec 09
Sakamoto Akihiro (M) Co-defendant with Nakai Kayoko (below). Caused 4 deaths.

March 20
Hatakeyama Suzuka (F) Killed two little girls, including her own daughter.

March 21 Iwamori Minoru (M)


Nov 29 Nakai Kayoko (F) (caused 4 deaths)

Jul 19
Takahashi Yuko (F) Killed two husbands, one in 1994, the second in 2000. Prosecutors asked for life.


Oct 16
Murata Mikio (M)

July 4
Yagi Jose (M) Hiroshima DC. Murder and sexual assault of a 7 year old girl. Peruvian national.