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Welcome to the Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center.
Michael H. Fox


Extensive Data Base of Wrongful Convictions in Japan
(from 1912-present)

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Mixed Jury System
Established May, 2009
Demands for Death = 32

Death = 25
Life Imprisonment = 6
Innocent = 1
Sentences Overturned
Death to Life = 2
Life to Death = 0

Current death row population = 126

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Women = 5
Non-Japanese = 6
Originally sentenced to life = 12
Minors = 5

Execution Watch
March 25
Hangings = 2
including one woman.
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Total Hangings
1993 ~ today = 104

Statement of Condemnation

On March 25, Junko Yoshida, a woman and former nurse was executed! With appeals still pending, this was a travesty.
Read more-including the CPR protest statement over this travesty.

Recent News

Great News
Higashi Sumiyoshi Case Defendants (below) to be exonerated on August 10th!

Horrible verdict!

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Tatsuhiro Boku, defendant in the Higashi Sumiyoshi Case entering the Osaka District Court April 28. (More)
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Keiko Aoki, defendant in the Higashi Sumiyoshi Case entering the Osaka District Court May 2. (More)
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Takuya Katsumata-(hard to believe he’s 33 ) arrested for trademark violations, was beaten in interrogation, confessed to murder, and was sentenced without any evidence.
More )


Recent Happenings
English Reportage


Former Russian defendant granted retrial over illegal sting operation ( more )

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David McNeil interviews Kazuo Ishikawa, defendant in the Sayama case who was paroled in 1994 after spending 32 years in prison. Ishikawa has not been exonerated and must meet monthly with his parole office. Read