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Family slaying accomplice's death penalty upheld

Friday, March 9, 2007

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) The Fukuoka High Court upheld the death sentence Thursday imposed on a Chinese man for his role in the murder of a Fukuoka family of four in 2003.

Wei Wei, 27, and two other Chinese men were accused of murdering clothing dealer Shinjiro Matsumoto, 41, his wife, Chika, 40, and their two children on June 20, 2003.

Wei, Yang Ning and Wang Liang strangled Matsumoto with a necktie, drowned his wife in a bathtub, smothered their 11-year-old son Kai with a pillow and strangled their daughter, Hina, 8.

The four bodies were found at the bottom of Hakata Bay later the same day, handcuffed and weighted down with dumbbells.

Wei appealed the 2005 Fukuoka District Court's decision, arguing that he played a minor role in the murders. However, the court disagreed.

"While the two accomplices masterminded the murder, the defendant played crucial roles in planning and carrying it out," presiding Judge Hiroshi Hamasaki said.

"There are no differences in criminal responsibility between the two and the defendant," Hamasaki said.

Wei, Yang and Wang were in Japan on student visas.

Yang and Wang went to China a few days after the crime, and were arrested by Chinese authorities in August 2003.

Yang was sentenced to death and executed in July 2005, while Wang received life in prison after surrendering and cooperating with investigators.

Wei remained in Japan and was charged with murder in January 2004 while in custody over an assault case.

Wei's lawyers had argued that since Wang was sentenced to life, Wei should receive a lesser sentence because he played a more minor role in the slayings.


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